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Today… an ordeal with a happy ending.

My mother and I found this little darling hiding in the shed at my grandmother’s house. Or rather, she found us. She greeted us as though stranded on a desert island and we were the first signs of life to appear… and the rear of the block at my grandmother’s house being what it is, one block from the beach, complete with shells in the sand — it wasn’t far from the truth.

The first thing we noticed was how friendly she was, for we were strangers. It was unusual. She was purring, meowing and figure eighting around our legs. She even jumped into Mum’s lap at one point.

But it quickly became apparent that something was very wrong. The wound you see on her nose is a craterous, weeping hole. Much worse than it appears. But what you can’t see is even more distressing. I soon discovered that all of her feet were covered in weeping lacerations and on her rear, right foot… one toe had been completely ripped off. Missing, with a dried, bloody space where a toe should be.

I cried and panicked for a few minutes. Animal suffering affects me on a deep level, but clearly something had to be done, and quickly. After some hit and miss phone signals and investigations, and fruitless door knocking, I called the Cat Haven and was told if I could bring her in within the hour the resident vet would see her. It was late in the afternoon on a Sunday.

A cardboard box was produced, a cat was coaxed in, and off to the Cat Haven we went. After a short wait due to staff cuts (no vet nurse now, the vet has to do everything!) our lovely little new friend was examined and it was confirmed that she had indeed been ravaged by a dog and judging by the state of her injuries, had been stranded in the shed at my grandmother’s house for at least 5 days. And she had lost a toe in the struggle. I tear up just thinking about it…

She was also having breathing problems and clearly hadn’t eaten for many days. X-rays will tell.

The happy ending came when it was discovered she was microchipped and the owners lived close by to where we found her in Swanbourne. There will be a happy reunion. And she will live… a scarred but happy and hopefully long life.

Get well little girl. xxxx

“ There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see. ”

—    Leonardo da Vinci


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