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So, Tumblr are going to call me about copyright issues.  Like, on the PHONE.  I guess this has to be a good thing…  better than just deleting my blog without recourse,… 

Anyone else had one of these emails?  

“ But I think our childhood is more decisive than people generally are willing to admit. And what happens to us later can either cast a shadow or shine a light on what’s already been created — or ruined — within us. ”

—    Ingmar Bergman, from an interview  (via augustuszeus)

(via bipolarexplorer)

I just posted this on Facebook and can’t be arsed rewriting it, so….

Gratuitous blowing of own trumpet alert…… <you have been warned>

If you didn’t know, I run a few quite popular blogs over on Tumblr, which also feed to Twitter and Facebook (and Google+ but is that even worth mentioning?). I get a little thrill when occasionally I notice that someone quite famous is following my stuff on one of those platforms, but I have never done a full inventory of my celebrity fans, as it were… mainly because with around a million followers it’s a bloody lot of names to sift through and ain’t nobody got time for that.

But this weekend I delved into my follower lists a little deeper and WOW I had no idea…..

Here is a list of some of them. It’s only some because if you have several thousand followers the endless scrolling on Twitter follower pages makes it impossible to see all the names without crashing your browser.

Boy George
Eric Burdon
Michael Stipe
Graham Coxon - Blur
James Iha - Smashing Pumpkins etc
Patty Schemel - Hole
Susannah Hoffs 
Cat Power
Marc Almond
Mike Scott - The Waterboys
Gary Kemp - Spandau Ballet
Stephen Duffy
Dave Graney
Wil Wheaton
Pam Grier 
Nancy Sinatra
Eric Carmen
Johnny Warman
The Three Degrees 
Pamela Des Barres
Bebe Buell
Morgan Fairchild
Dawn Porter 
David Cone - 5 x baseball world champion
Maureen Van Zandt - actress (The Sopranos), wife of Steven
Linda Ramone - wife of Johnny Ramone
Ted Neeley - played Jesus in the ’70s Jesus Christ Superstar film
David Morrison - actor
Dennis Christopher - actor
Suki Waterhouse - model
Gleb Derujinsky - Harper’s Bazaar fashion photographer 1950-68

There are more… also venues like The Cavern Club and The Roxy…. a few major publications…. and a BUNCH of authors, journalists and TV presenters

I should probably find some way to capitalise on my apparent popularity amongst the rich and famous but for now I just think it’s pretty cool that my work is enjoyed by people I admire myself. It’s not a bad list, eh?

(but seriously if you have any ideas, hit me up!)


Artist: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Track: A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Acid Flowers Mix)
Album: Confessions Of A Knife…
Year: 1990
Theme: Drugs